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native boolean magick::MagickImage::colorFloodfillImage ( DrawInfo  drawInfo,
PixelPacket  target,
int  x,
int  y,
int  method 
) throws MagickException

Changes the color value of any pixel that matches target and is an immediate neighbor. If the method FillToBorderMethod is specified, the color value is changed for any neighbor pixel that does not match the bordercolor member of image.

By default target must match a particular pixel color exactly. However, in many cases two colors may differ by a small amount. The fuzz member of image defines how much tolerance is acceptable to consider two colors as the same. For example, set fuzz to 10 and the color red at intensities of 100 and 102 respectively are now interpreted as the same color for the purposes of the floodfill.

drawInfo The draw info
target The RGB value of the target colour
x the starting x location of the operation
y the starting y location of the operation
method either FloodfillMethod or FilltoBorderMethod
true or false depending on success or failure respectively
MagickException if any error occurs
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